Our FX service

Our new FX and currency service is now operational, giving you access to excellent rates of exchange on currency conversions, often (almost always) better than the banks, saving you £100′s and £1000′s to spend on nice things!

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Pictures from our 2014 Golf Day

This years Golf day was once again held at Batchworth Park on a gloriously hot July summer day. This year we dispensed withe the coaching format and I decided to also play instead of taking pictures out and about on the course.

See the team photos and the winning team photo’s below.

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Our Business Coaching Programme – Part two

Your Unique Skill

Here we will develop a concept that allows you to identify your unique talent and passion, and apply it to your most productive and satisfying activities and relationships.

How do we devlelop this?

Write a list of all the things you do whilst working in your business e.g answering the telephone, calling clients, meeting with staff be as specific and comprehensive as possible.

Then take each item and place them into one of the categories below:

Unique Skill Activities

Unique Skill is what you love to do and do best. Unique Skill activities have four characteristics:

1 – Superior Talent – You have a great skill that other people notice and rely on you for.

2 – Passion – You have great enthusiasm and love doing it, you feel in the zone.

3 – Energy – It provides you with energy and energises others.

4 – Continual improvement – You keep getting better at it and are continually finding new ways to grow.

Excellent Activities

These are the activities where you have a superior skill but do not have a passion for.

Competent Activities

These are the activities where you are adequate but do not excel, others can do these better than you.

Incompetent Activities

You hate doing these activities, they cause you stress, frustration and you often experience failure

Of course determining over time what your preferred modus of operandi are rather than just looking at tasks will help you to really get to the heart of your Unique Skill, for example look at the days that you feel you are in your element, where you are buzzing, ask yourself “what have I done today to cause this”

Knowing your Unique Skills will help you to redesign your business around you and will hopefully ensure that you remain enthusiastic and connected to your business.

Next time we will look at the next stages which are more business related, looking at a High Level Business plan and a Three Year Vision to set some goals. We will finish with some practical tips on structure, systems and processes.

About me

I started out life working at Midland Bank which then turned in to HSBC and after 10 years frustration I found my calling as a Financial Adviser for HSBC. After 3 years I set up my first “business”, a completely new team at HSBC that we started from scratch and built into one of HSBC’s most profitable advisory teams (£ per head). After six years of this the urge to start my own company proved too much and I founded Kubera Wealth.

We are a 7 person firm located on the old High St in Pinner and we provide Entrepreneurs and Families with coaching and Financial Planning advice.

I am married with three daughters and mini schnauzer, I play as much golf as I can, do the odd track day and enjoy photography, art and eating out.

Want to know my unique ability? Call me and I will tell you!

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Extended To Non-UK Residents Owning UK Residential Property

As widely predicted, today’s Autumn Statement by the Chancellor included an announcement that Capital Gains Tax (CGT) will be extended to non-UK residents owning UK residential property.

The details we have at present are limited, and there is likely to be a consultation early next year. We are told that the change will have effect from April 2015 and that it will only apply to “future gains”. This will probably mean that there will be some form of re-basing, so that the pre-April 2015 element of gain on a post-April 2015 sale will be exempt from CGT. It will be a major relief to non-residents that existing latent gains do not appear to be caught. Read more

Our Business Coaching Programme – Part One

Your Ultimate Aim in Life

Here we discuss and create a personal plan, we will map out the things that are most important to you in your life, about your life, the purpose of your life, your commitment and passion. This will help you to understand what the real purpose of your life is and importantly how better to serve that purpose.

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Our Business Coaching Programme – Part One

Running a business is never easy and finding that balance between your life and your business can be quite elusive.

Having started out life in business in 2009 I quickly decided that I needed to educate myself as an entrepreneur in very much the same way as I educate myself in my profession, seeing myself not only as a Financial Adviser but also and primarily as an entrepreneur, a business owner.

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October 2013 Jumbo Lunch

We returned once more to Sartoria for our October Jumbo lunch, with Keren Lerner from Top Left Design presenting on blogging!

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This weekend I flew to Istanbul to see long standing clients as they made their way home from a visit to Canada. I stayed at the very comfortable Hilton in Taksim Square which seems to have calmed down now following the riots earlier in the year.

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Lords Strategic Partner Event

August 28th saw Middlesex hosting Somerset in a county game and we took the opportunity to host a professional connection event with one of our Strategic Partners, Middlesex main sponsors Brooks Macdonald Asset Management Read more

An ashes summer

What another great summer of sport, especially the Ashes series, Read more