Get your kicks on Route 66

The road trip of a lifetime

Established in 1926, Route 66 sparks excitement and a feeling of freedom in many travellers who love the open road. The route, which once served as the main corridor taking drivers from Chicago to Los Angeles, taps into a deep feeling of nostalgia for times long gone for many people. Exploring Route 66 takes more research and dedication than many other road trips require, mainly because it’s more than 2,200 miles long but also because there’s so much to experience. Continue reading

On a mission

There is no sweeter journey than one that leads you to new experiences

There is nothing wrong with wanting to visit the popular cities and countries of the world, but there is something unique and special in venturing off the worn path of travel destinations to appreciate the spots that aren’t talked about as often. Continue reading

Luxury African safaris

shutterstock_92696260Pulling out all the stops

For a truly life-changing experience, there is nothing quite like the adventure that a luxury African safari can offer. Whether you are casting your eyes over Africa’s vast horizons, looking for lions on the boundless savannas or watching the spectacle of the wildebeest migration, this is arguably the greatest outdoor adventure holiday anyone could possibly imagine. Continue reading