Dave Barnard

Compliance Manager

About Me

I was born in Edgware too many years ago to mention. I have lived locally all my life.

I lived with my parents and sister in North Harrow and continued to live there when I first got married, staying in the same house for over 40 years! My dad (and indeed his dad before him) had been lifelong QPR fans, and I have followed that passion and moved it on to both of my sons (they don’t moan about it either – too much). However, I took a wide berth with his cricket team and decided to follow the best team of my early years, Yorkshire, again something that continues to be the case, even though they went through quite a few ‘rough’ years.

I started working for Midland Bank in 1976. Eventually, they were to be taken over by HSBC, and I stayed working for them for 35 years. During that time, I met my wife, Maddie, who also worked for them. We eventually moved house with our two boys and have stayed there for 10 years now.

I met Stuart, the founder of Kubera Wealth, when he started at HSBC as a troublesome teenager. Some things don’t change. When HSBC eventually decided they had had enough of me, for some reason, Stuart decided that he needed me to make sure that we do everything right! We still do today.

I feel as though I should be retiring soon so that I can spend some more time relaxing and enjoying life. However, I enjoy what I’m doing at Kubera, so who knows when retirement will finally beckon.