Graeme Cowie

Director and Senior Strategic Planner

About me

Originally from Dunfermline, I grew up in rural Scotland, attended the local High School and spent a very happy childhood mostly playing sports! Despite my real passion as a child being football, I’m afraid that as soon as I reached High School the sports head took one look at my physique and decided my talents lay on the Rugby field rather than as the twinkle toed right wing dynamo I imagined myself to be!

On leaving school, I went to University in Edinburgh, studying Business Studies and Politics. Living in Edinburgh for four years ignited a passion for City Life, and after finishing University I moved to London very quickly in my career.

I spent a number of years working for Scottish Provident and AXA Sun Life before moving into the investment world with Christows, helping them establish their London office and pioneer the concept of IFAs outsourcing investment management to professional third parties – something I firmly believe in to this day.

In 2007, I joined UBS and set up their Strategic Partnerships team, again working with IFAs, and it was here I first met Stuart which ultimately led me to joining Kubera Wealth in 2013.

My passions

I am very lucky to have been married to Ros since 2006, and family and friends are extremely important to me. Indeed, being around, working, helping and coaching people is the great privilege of what I do, and I consider myself hugely fortunate that I love what I do, and I get to call it work! As many will attest to, I really do like a good natter!

I have followed Dunfermline Athletic since I was a child and always combine a trip back to Scotland with a match at East End Park. Whilst my football talent remains dormant, I am a huge rugby and cricket fan and a keen, although extremely frustrated, golfer. I love to cook and I also love to eat, and am always on the lookout for new and exciting recipes and restaurants.

Living a happy and fulfilled Life is what I value most, and I am passionate about helping others achieve this goal too.