Stuart Poonawala

Managing Director and Senior Strategic Planner

My passions

I love life and enjoy doing things that both excite me and keep me moving forward with purpose.

As a naturally creative person, I enjoy new challenges and putting my creative problem solving to good use.

As a Master of Life Planning with the Kinder Institute, I help clients to create a vision for what they need in their lives to be happy, and then through financial planning ensure that their lives and finances go on the same journey.

Self-improvement and helping others gives me energy, and through my work I am able to both continually improve my own knowledge and personal growth and also that of my clients.

About me

Good design and aesthetics are important to me, and I enjoy photography, sports cars (mainly older Porsches), interior design, architecture and music.

Sport always has and will be a big part of my life. I regularly watch Middlesex and England play cricket, am a life-long Liverpool supporter and play golf every week – some say it’s an addiction!

Born and raised in North West London and currently living in the Old Town of Chesham, close to London but with fantastic green spaces amongst the Chiltern Hills and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Growing, I spent most of my time playing cricket, football and rugby and occasionally listening to my teachers. My main passion was of course sport and art and design. At college, I also studied Investment and Finance which I found really fascinating, and this shaped my resultant career choice.

In 1988, I joined Midland Bank (now HSBC), initially in retail banking, then managing teams in the Bank’s first call centre, and my last 11 years as one of HSBC’s Independent Financial Advisers, eventually specialising in providing advice to International Clients, which is an area I continue to provide expert advice in.

I left HSBC in April 2009 to fulfil my desire to set up and run my own business, and in 2010 Kubera Wealth was born.

In 2011, I ticked off a life-long ambition to have a dog, and Billy entered our lives. He comes to the office with me on most days and has firmly cemented the role of Office Guard Dog.