We do the hard work, giving you the time you need to enjoy life

We aim to prepare you for what happens in the future, while at the same time keeping you focused on making the best life you can create today. Discover more about the Kubera Wealth team below.

Meet the team

Stuart Poonawala

Managing Director and Senior Strategic Planner

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Graeme Cowie

Director and Senior Strategic Planner

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Michelle Hoskin

Head of Operations and Business Development

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Michelle Bye

Business Manager

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Kelly Kular

Client Engagement Manager

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Jamie Sellar APFS

Chartered Financial Planner

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Georgia Creighton

Financial Adviser

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Daniel Hawes

Associate Planner

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Claire Hobbs

Client Services Manager

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Caroline Levy

Technical Specialist

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Iwan Arden

Technical Assistant

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Joe Towlson

Client Services Assistant

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